‘MISSION HELP WILDLIFE’ – Dream of Man and Mute living in Harmony


Dead Rhino Skinned: Royal Hunting by King GeorgeV in 1911

Dead Rhino Skinned: Royal Hunting by King GeorgeV in 1911

Over thousands of years, hunting in wild was practiced for recreation, pleasure and prejudice. Populations of early human, stately rulers of diverse dynasties, the British officials of pre-independence times and today’s modern man, all have been viciously slaughtering the wild some times for food, or for entertainment and some times for livelihood.

This exploitation over ages lead to the exhaustion of the wild reserves. Though hunting history records reveal pride and valor of our leaders, the outcome is the today’s thinning wildlife population.

Evolution has taught us that nothing in nature exists for itself, but always in relation to other life forms. Yet, we continue to treat the mute life forms on this earth as our subordinates, making use of them, very often cruelly for our own selfish needs.

Rhino hunting in India

Head of Rhino taken by hunters!

Do the mute form on planet really deserve this end??

In the current times, not only the wild animals, but also the domestic animals are being subjected to utmost cruelty. Everyday, we see on roads people carrying the hens and chicks hanging upside down on bikes. The cows and sheep being transported in trucks in a way that no one had seen in the past. The pictures of utmost cruelty of human on animals are often circulated on social media, but the incidences of insensitivity of human towards animals are not decreasing.

Well documented Wildlife Protection Laws and Animal Welfare Acts are in place since long times, but these laws are also being violated by the way of finding the loop holes in them, or due to lack of effective enforcement.

Many wildlife NGOs and paid celebrities are often chanting the slogans such as “Save the Tiger” बाघ बचाओ etc. and while all this is happening, the common man is completely confused that – ‘How Can He Indeed Save Tigers, While He Has Not Even Seen One In His Entire Life Time!’

The situation becomes more strange, when the government organizations and wildlife authorities release the advertisements in public media such as television and news papers appealing the common public to “Save the Tigers”. It is obvious, that those greedy criminals who really do poaching of such animals in forests will not stop hunting after reading such slogans in news papers or watching a celerity appealing for the same. Whom these appeals are for, it remains an unresolved puzzle.

In fact, a common man often fails to understand even the meaning of such appeals. He indeed wants to help, but no one tells him, how can he actually help to save the tigers in his individual capacity.

This, such appeals, even after spending a huge sum of money, often become just the media game, without any real, meaningful outcome to help wildlife or other mute form by any mean.

Couple of years ago, I met a very old gentleman in Patna. I was introduced with him by a Professor. Even before telling his name, I was told that he was the writer of the the article “बाघ बहादुरों की फ़ौज और बेचारा बाघ”. I never read that article written by that gentleman, but the title of the article pulled my attention. I could imagine within seconds, what could have been the content of that article and how true the title was indeed in real scenario.

Is there any ray of hope?

Having said the above, it still seems possible that we together could do something to help these mute forms of life. We together could really reduce their sufferings to a small extent. We all can do that, only if we know clearly what we are supposed to do.

This thought shows a ray of hope like never before! Then how this could become a reality?

Dr Sunil Kumar Verma, CCMB

Dr Sunil Kumar Verma in DNA 2010 at Hyderabad

This exactly was the point where Dr Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow emphasized after I had delivered a guest lecture in DNA2010 conference held at the Mekaster Auditorium of Osmania University on 30th Oct 2010. The lecture was on the inhumane treatment of the wild by humans since time immemorial and application of science to stop the human  violation of wildlife resources by the way of effective law enforcement using the ‘Universal Primer Technology’ invented by me in 2001. The lecture left the audience with pin-drop silence for a while.

Dr Pradeep K Srivastava CDRI

Dr Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow in DNA 2010 at Hyderabad

This silence was broken by Dr Pradeep Kumar Srivastava who almost jumped on the stage and boldly proposed that the discovery of ‘Universal primer technology’ need to be used more rigorously to help save the wildlife.

Dr Srivastava proposed to roll this endeavor not only through government but also through public by the way of creating a foundation for the same with the contributions of people. This idea was highly supported by almost 500 scholars sitting in the hall that also included almost 100 IPS officers, hundreds of students and many scientists .

Dr Amit Kumar, the CEO of BioAxis and the organizer of the conference had to stop the sessions for some time to only discuss this agenda through open panel discussions.

The concept of “Help wildlife” was born on that day.

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