“Mission Help Wildlife” began in a small conference which was being organized at the Mekaster Auditorium of Osmania University on 30th Oct 2010. The discussion on the inception of ‘Mission Help Wildlife’ started as a reaction to the guest lecture of Sunil Kumar Verma on his discovery of ‘Universal primer technology’.

As an instant reactions, a pen and paper along with an envelop was circulated by the participants of the conference themselves and while the concept was being discussed, the envelop with some money in it was handed over by one of the members of the conference to the organizers at the dais.

This was a small donation in term of volume, but immense feelings were associated with it. That envelop is still safe in ‘as it is’ condition and the names of the donors who signed the envelop were as follows:

Sl No Name Address Donation Amount
1 Dr. P. K. Shrivastava Scientist, CDRI, Lucknow 500
2 Dr. Sunil Kumar Verma Scientist, CCMB, Hyderabad 500
3 Dr. Amit Kumar CEO, Bioaxis DNA Research Centre 1000
4 Mr. Rahul Patel Bodetech, USA $5
5 Jayant Mishra 21
6 Surendra Babu 50
7 Dr. Varsha R. Rathod 100
8 V. B. Parulekar 100
9 Priyanka Jangid 20
10 Rinku 20
11 E. Supraja 100
12 Dr. Lavanya 100
13 K. Shilpa Valli 500
14 L. Surender 20
15 Dr. Waseem Ahmad IFS, Mumbai 100
16 Ms. Titiksha Desai IFS, Mumbai 500
17 Sangeetha Reddy BDRC 100
18 Raj Aryan Tech 1000
19 K. Eswara Rao 300
20 B. R. M. Naik IPS Officer (D.S.P.), APPA 200
21 S. Chaitanya Kumar APPA 201
22 Sredula Dar B. APPA 500
23 Dina 100
24 Dr. P. P. P. Panchal 100
25 Tej Bharath N. IPS Officer (D.S.P.) 100
26 Devang Shah Address:
A2 305, Kumar Kruti, Opp D-Mart, Kalyani Nagar, Pune 411014

All the above money is still kept in the same envelop as such. It is my wish to keep this envelop as a historical treasure of “Help Wildlife” as a memorabilia! This decision would however be taken once the formal registration of the organization is finalized and done.

After few days from this conference, Dr P.K. Srivastava proposed the agenda of “Help Wildlife” in a big meeting held at Lucknow in the presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji. Sri Sri announced a donation of Rs 1 Lakh to “Help wildlife”, that he committed to deposit in the bank account of “Help Wildlife” once it is formally registered.