Mission Help Wildlife:

A Common’s Dream to Help realize the Mission of Man and Mute living in Harmony

‘Help Wildlife’ is not yet registered body. However, it is certainly a dream that almost 1000 human eyes saw together on 30th Oct 2010 at the Mekaster Auditorium of Osmania University, Hyderabad during the DNA2010 conference.

The aims and objectives of ‘Mission Help Wildlife’ were set as follows:


  1. To provide a platform to the commons where they could together see the dream to help realize the mission of ‘Man and Mute living in Harmony’ and initiate a national moment for the same with well defined line of actions.
  2. To provide educational material via online portals on the existing wildlife laws and regulations.
  3. To create public awareness about various problems of mute animals and wildlife and to play the role as ‘the voice of mutes’ by involving commons.
  4. To initiate public campaigns to address some of the identified problems of mute animals and keep demands before the authorities on behalf of mutes.
  5. To create awareness about the ongoing good work and campaigns of other wildlife and nature conservation organizations.
  6. To organize popular lectures and panel discussions and meetings with the members of public, scholars, scientists, religious leaders and public representatives.
  7. To initiate the school and college level outreach programs to ‘Help Wildlife’.


  1. As a short term objectives, ‘Mission Help Wildlife’ will struggle to register itself as a not-for-profit organization with well defined line of actions.



It was a dream of commons on the day when the idea of ‘Help Wildlife’ was conceived that the indigenously developed  ‘Universal primer technology’ should be used more widely to ensure the punishment to the offenders of wildlife laws.At present, there is one laboratory in entire country where this technology is being used to help the wildlife law enforcement. This one laboratory is not sufficient to take care of the need of entire country. The only way to realize this dream is to have more such laboratories in all the corners of the nation, where such cases could be investigated to strengthen the wildlife law enforcement departments and to ensure the proper punishment to offenders of wildlife.

This dream can be realized; but this clearly needs a systematic and scientific approach to evolve ‘Help Wildlife’ as follows.

1. Mission Help Wildlife will establish the following three modules in every state or at least in four corners of the country –  a) Training Module b) Service Module c) Legal Module.

a) ‘Training Module’  – As the name indicates, the training module will serve to develop and build the capacity among the budding scholars, law enforcement officers, members of judiciary, police personnel and wildlife crime investigation authorities on the potential of ‘Universal primer technology’ for wildlife crime investigation and law enforcement to ensure the punishment to the offenders of wildlife without fail.

b) Service Module – will be established as the professional scientific laboratories in all the four corners of the country where the cases related to wildlife crime will be investigated using the revolutionary ‘Universal primer technology’ to provide the scientific deviance to the court of law.

c) Legal Module – will be established to legally defend the reports and scientific evidences provided by the ‘Service Modules’ of ‘Help Wildlife’ so that the punishment to the wildlife offenders could be ensured. This module will also aim to establish a free ‘Help Wildlife Hotline’ to answer the queries related to DNA based intervention of wildlife crime and other legal queries.

2. A public funded system will be evolved to raise funding for all the above three modules so that these could function for free in the service of mute animals, who themselves can not earn or pay to get justice for them. We are of opinion that the offenders of wildlife should not be left unattended at least because of the lack of funds. We imagine that just the donation of “Rs One” by every citizen of the nation can lead to the accumulation of massive fund to help support such cause in the future.

The above three long term objectives can be summarized as following diagram:

Three Help Wildlife Modules

Fig: Proposed Modules for the Application of “Universal Primer Technology”

Some Facts About Universal Primer Technology

  • ‘Universal primer technology’ has received 12 worldwide patents, three national awards including the CSIR Technology Award 2008, BioAsia Innovation Award 2009 and NRDC Meritorious Innovation Award 2009; and has been officially used to provide scientific evidence on more than 1500 cases of wildlife crime during 2001 till date. The only laboratory in the country which is using this technology is CSIR-Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology located at Hyderabad. This technology is now very well accepted by Indian Judiciary as a ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ evidence in the cases of wildlife offense.
  • The details of patents to this technology are: Verma and Singh, 2001; USA Patent 7141364, South Africa Patent 2003/7489, China Patent ZL01823181.0, Australia Patent 2001258719, India Patent 22440 and 7 other patents. There are hundreds of citations and publications from all over the world on the application of this technology to establish the identity of species of killed animals to provide justice to the wild animals.
  • This achievement of India was also recently published as a ‘Success Story’ in the flagship magazine “India perspectives” of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (India Perspectives, Vol. 29, Issue 4, July-August 2015, pp 74-75). This magazine is published in 18 languages and circulated officially in more than 80 countries through diplomatic routes.